Infinite alternatives exist over and above the primary online poker games. Wild cards are used when playing several of these games, and in these games the wild cards carry any value. Diehard poker players don’t sneer at the idea of wild cards because they change the odds thereby changing the character of the game of poker.

Though wild cards could be considered amusing prospect for the layperson. The thing to remember is that the evaluation of the hands is influenced by the wild cards: The best hand to have would be five of a kind in such cases. It is natural then that when wild cards are involved the players would last a lot longer in the game, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see a five of a kind beat a royal straight flush.

In each game of poker the dealer chooses the wild card. It is entirely his choice what card he wishes to use as the wild card. Cards such as the deuces, threes, one-eyed Jacks and the suicide Kings (King of hearts) are the most frequently chosen wild cards. The wild cards differ in other games such as Follow the Queen.

In some cases the lowest pocket card that every player has is used as the wild card. Let’s say a player has 3, 5, 8 as his pocket cards in a seven card stud game of poker then every 3 which the player has be it in the hole or window is considered a wildcard.

Follow the Queen

A great alternative to seven card stud poker is Follow the Queen. In this game of poker the players hands could change over and over when every new card that is dealt. A player cannot maintain a plan of action as the wild card could change with every new card dealt although having a Queen or two would prove beneficial.

Whether in the exposed or in the hole the Queens are always wild in a game of Follow the Queen. In this game of poker if a Queen is dealt exposed, the card following the Queen is wild too. But if the following face up card is a Queen then the wild card is substituted.

For example, if player 2 is dealt as an exposed card and player 4 is dealt a 5 open card. The Queens and 5s are wild whether they are exposed or in the hole. Yet in the following round if player 4 is dealt another open Queen and player 5 gets a 7 up card, the 7s will be wild and the 5s are deemed regular 5s.

In a game of Follow the Queen any hand that might look promising could turn into a bad hand because the wild cards keep changing. Conversely a bad hand could easily change into a full house or even better. Some players prefer to choose whether the final card open or in the hole in contrast to a normal seven card stud where the last card is in the hole.