Twin Beds

Three to ten people could play this combined form of Poker Draw, Split in the Ocean and Community games. The players receive four cards face down. One round of bets follows, which then leads to the dealer turning over one card from every row and then another round of betting takes place.

This procedure is followed till all the cards are disclosed. Still the final card to be disclosed from every row is wild card, thus if the last card that appears is a 2 then henceforth all 2s are wild cards. The players have the option to utilize their own cards plus a maximum of five cards out of only one row to construct a top hand; a player isn’t permitted to utilize cards from both rows to construct a top hand.


A player receives five cards in Cincinnati (some play with four cards) while there is five cards are laid face down in the community. A round of betting ensues after each one of the cards is disclosed one at a time. The players are permitted to construct their best hands out of all the ten cards.


Apart from an exciting turn based on a wild card Ohio is played in the same manner as Cincinnati. The wild card in this game of poker is the smallest card out of five community cards. There is no way of knowing what the wild card is until the final community card has been disclosed except if one is a genius at math. The dealer must declare at the onset of the hand whether the Aces will be high or low.

Several games exist that vary only slightly. Let’s say that the low hand wins in place of the highest hand each time. One could play six-card stud in place of five or seven card stud, where the last card is dealt face down, whereby every player has two pocket cards and four open cards.