How the poker chips are rated is entirely your decision. You need to place a different worth to different colored chips. Generally the white chips are worth the least in a standard set, the reds are worth more than the white and the blue chips carry the highest value.

Some poker players have chips in green, black and purple chips. Some players who wish to play for greater stakes use these chips and for greater worth while making use of the green, black and purple chips rating the purple the greatest worth.

Lowest and highest wager and amount of raises

If one wishes to have a sociable play of poker then I would suggest, the sum that one bet should be established in advance. Let us say the amount you set for the smallest chip is one rupee then the smallest wager could be for one rupee.

The highest wager could also be set in advance after considering the amount with which you will be playing. One should also ascertain in advance the number of times every online poker player could raise in the game of poker..


Before every game of poker begins the sum of money that all the players will add to the kitty is called the ante. This sum needs to be preset.

The usual practice is to set this amount the same as the smallest chip. In some cases they put aside what is known as the dealer ante to avoid any mix up in case any of the players overlooks the ante.