seven card stud

The kitty is larger in this game.

Players: 2 to 7.
Cards: Seven in all, four open cards and three concealed.
Wager: Five rounds. In the later rounds the game gets more serious.
Look out: Are your odds better? Are the other players’ poker odds better? Are the cards you need available as yet? 
Who takes the kitty: A player with two pairs or better could win although at least one pair should be a high one.

seven card stud is a poker game where seven cards are dealt, as is obvious wherein three cards are concealed and four cards are open. The players choose five of the seven cards that stand a better chance at winning (The result won’t change due to the other two cards). The kitty can get huge very quickly as there are more rounds in this game.

The hands take more time to shape in a game of seven card stud thereby luring players to hold onto their cards. There are more chances to pretend as three cars are hidden. The professional players at the poker game of always watch the other players open cards and mentally note how their mode of play progresses when they’ve been dealt each new card.

And don’t forget the cards stud as a hi-low game lends yet another dimension to the game. Each player is dealt a hole card in the first round while the first card is dealt to the player on the left. The second round of cards that is dealt also consists of hole cards. While the third card each player is dealt is an open card. This open card could also be called the door card.

Normally the player with the biggest open card begins the wager (some prefer to have the player with the smallest card begin the wager). In case if more than one player has the same big card, the person who is nearest to the left side of the dealer will start the wager.

At this point every player has three cards, which some people refer to as ‘Third Street’. This ends when the players have either opted to stay in the game or to quit. The ensuing round is referred to as the ‘Fourth Street’. Here the players who’ve stayed on in the game are dealt another open card and the players place their wager yet again.

The next two rounds, which are referred to as the ‘Fifth Street’ and the ‘Sixth Street’, are open cards. Finally one hole card is dealt to the players that have stayed on in the game. Now every player that has stayed on in the game has three hole cards and four open cards. When the players have placed a wager for the last time they expose their cards and the player with the best game walks away with the kitty.

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