Roll Your Own Poker

Roll your own is yet another version of seven card stud poker which every player determines what his pocket cards are as the hand advances.

Three pocket cards are dealt to every player in the beginning. One of the three cards is selected by each player to be disclosed to all. For example, a 10 ♥ -10 ♦ -J ♦ have been dealt to a player, he could choose to retain the 10 ♦ -J ♦ in the pocket and disclose the 10 ♥.

Yet another card is served face down to the players after one round of wagers. Again the poker player selects one card to disclose to the other players. The game progresses in this manner until every player has exposed four cards and holds two pocket cards. Just like seven card stud the final card remains down.

In a poker game of Roll your own the most significant resolution will be which card to disclose and at what time. Let us say a player has a pair of cards, he could then choose to disclose them, split them or conceal both. This game has great scope for pretending and astonishing endings because the players can select which cards they retain in their pockets.

Note: This game is full of mystery and loads of entertainment, still since it takes time for the players to determine their pocket cards; a lot of staying power is needed.

High Chicago

High Chicago is similar to seven card stud, apart from the fact that a player having the highest spade in the pocket is required to share the kitty with the player who has the best hand. (Therefore an exposed Ace of Spades is of no use.)

The players are required to declare whether they are pursuing the high hand, the high spade in the hole or both, just as in hi-low. One chip stands for a high hand, no chip stands for a high spade and two chips stands for both in cases where chips are used.