Protocol of poker

Being careful of the language (also the aces and kings)

If you wish to have fun while playing the game of poker (other than winning money) is to play the kind of game which has some action in it and one which is played in harmony. Employ some of these methods so as to ascertain that the game goes without any hitches:

It is imperative the player knows how to grade the hands. The game will go at a leisurely pace if a clean sheet is constantly brought up. The point being, you are basically revealing your cards.

Take for example you have a seven card stud while it appears as though another player has a straight and it seems like you happen to have a flush. If a player confirms that a flush beats a straight he is revealing his cards to his opponents that he has a flush so they couldn’t win over him.

Clarifying one’s intent
When you wish to quit the game then you should let the other players know that you are doing so. If a player wishes to match the wager or up it then it would be best to let the other opponents know the players’ intention and also let them know how much money he is putting to the kitty.

It is not suggested the player reveals his cards when he packs. This way the opponents will know the kind of player one is and it could be detrimental to the direction the game takes. Something you learn when you are studying in poker school. It’s not a good idea to show off or be a bad loser.

Don’t play out of turn
Poker protocol doesn’t recommend a player bet or quit out of turn. When a player does that then this could influence which way the opponents before you would play. Similarly, if a player has four Kings and he plays before it is his turn then the other players might know that you have a good set of cards. To sum it up, I would suggest that the player sits on his cards and keep cool.

Don’t criticize
You shouldn’t put down another player or discuss his game so you could make an impression with your opponents. It is best to look at your cards only after you’ve got them all. There is no protocol that suggests a player not look at his cards one at a time but in a game of poker it is deemed rude.

Do you decide your hand or do your cards? Sometimes when you are playing a certain game wild cards or community cards then you might misconstrue your cards. You might actually have better cards than you state.

For example, when you are playing a game of seven card stud the two’s are used as wild cards and you have K, K, Q, J, 10, 3, 2, you might think of it is having three kings but the truth of the matter is that you are holding a straight which is 10, J, Q, K, a (the two is used as a wild card). Therefore it is advisable to resolve in advance whether your cards are the deciding factor or you.

“For a player to become accepted in a game, knowing how to play poker is not enough. There are accepted forms of behavior at a poker game, some pertaining to the cards and hand being dealt, others pertaining to general house etiquette. You don’t stand behind a guy and say, ‘Wow! Three Aces!’