ACES UP: This is an expression used when a player has two big pairs of which the high pair is Aces. This term could also be utilized when a player has a pair of Kings and a pair of 7s, he could use the expression ‘Two pair, King high’ or ‘two pair, Kings over seven’.

ADVERTISE: When a player pretends to be hanging around to see if his cards could be improved.

ALL-IN: When a player lays a wager using all the chips he has. This happens very frequently in poker games where the stakes are high, especially in contests.

ANTE: Before commencement of a poker game, the players come to an understanding of an amount to add to the kitty before the hand is dealt.

BAD BEAT: When a poker player plays the game with great skill and yet he loses because an opponent is fortunate enough to have a great hand. Sometimes this occurs.

BET INTO: When a player lays a wager earlier than another player who seems to have a better hand or one who laid a big wager in the earlier round.

BIG BLIND: This is an obligatory ante made by a player two seats left of the dealer. This is very normal in Hold’em poker. See Blind.

BLIND: This is an obligatory ante made by a player who is sitting on the immediate left of the dealer. Once more, this is normal in Hold’em poker. Again, this wager is laid before a player has seen his hands. See Big Blind.

BLUFF: When a player fools the other players making them quit by betting a high wager.

BOARD, ON THE: The common cards which are disclosed to all players. In community games like Omaha poker and Hold’em the center cards or in a stud game it would be the up cards.

BOAT OR FULL BOAT: When a player has a full house.


BUMP: To increase the wager. Matching another player ’s wager and then increasing in by an amount.

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