Diverse talent is necessary to excel at Poker and being a psychologist is at the top of list. Tells are a guiding tool, which helps a player to assess whether his opponents are pretending or whether they truly have a good hand by assessing his nuances. Tells divulge various things for various players.

Often poker players will use their chips when they have good hand then again some will do so when they are pretending. The more experience one gains, the better he will become at predicting tells. One must make an attempt at figuring out any tells the he might himself be divulging. To spot one’s own actions is much more difficult, however he should keep in mind that the opponents are observing him just as he is observing them.


Tossing chips: When a player is poke bluffing to display confidence he would have the tendency to toss the chips into the kitty in an overstated manner.

Concealing the wares: Every now and then players appear to be hiding or ‘protecting’ his cards, this would mean that he has a good hand.

Unable to look away from the cards: Players strive to mislead the opponents by making them think he’s got a good set of cards by gazing at them.

Sitting upright: A player ’s carriage only means a good upbringing, however players with a good hand tend to lean forward or sit straight.

The Ham: Players, especially the new one’s tend to overdo things, this is a universal method of attempting to bluffing the opponents. A player might be inclined to show happiness with a bad hand, whereas he might be abnormally silent while he has a good hand. But a player could have good cards if he appears sincerely happy. Players with good hands are inclined to take it easy allowing their real feelings to surface, one only needs to have the capacity to analyze it.

Looking elsewhere: Players with good poker hands would be inclined to look anywhere but the table pretending to display a lack of interest. Such players want to detract his opponents’ attention away from him.

Covering one’s mouth: Very often players cover their mouths when they lay a wager if they have a good hand.

Counting money at the table is a no-no: Frequently when a player is preparing to strike he will play with his chips. This symbolizes apprehension.

No Peeps: A player who is working at a poker strategy as yet constantly gazes at his pocket cards.

CHIP ARCHITECTURE AND FRANK LLYOD WRIGHT OF POKER: Usually an assertive player will leave his chips in a heap whereas the cautious player piles his chips neatly, albeit it might not always be true.

The main reason people fail to accomplish as much as they could-in poker and in life-is they don’t play their best game always.”