Night Baseball Poker

In this poker game the players are dealt unexposed seven cards. The 3s and 9s are wild cards just as in Basic Baseball and an additional card could be bought with the 4.

The first player discloses one of his cards to begin and starts laying the first round of wagers. He may check if he chooses.

(The dealer must decide beforehand whether a passed play means the betting goes to the next player simply begins to turn over his cards.)

The second player discloses his cards one by one till he is capable of poker bad beating the preceding hand, after which he has the choice to either lay a wager or to check.

Every following player must either call or quit if the second player opts to lay a wager. Do not forget that most players haven’t even seen their hands at this point.

Following the round of bets, player 3 attempts to beat the preceding hand. He is out. After which it is player 4’s turn to either lay a wager or to quit.

The game advances in this manner till either only one poker player remains or until all the players have disclosed their cards.

If a player has an exposed 3 then he will be charged a fee to continue playing or else he must quit is how this game of poker is played in some places.

Although it appears as though the betting would continue for eternity, that’s not so because the game progresses quickly following the first betting round.