Murder is another version of High Chicago except nobody declares the cards. The player with a high spade shares the kitty with the player who has the best hand, which is common to High Chicago. Consequently a player having an Ace of spades is assured of at least half the kitty.

The game is reorganized; all the cards are assembled and dealt all over again if the Queen of spades comes into view amongst the exposed cards. Isn’t it insane? Sure, yet it can be very entertaining except if the player has the Ace of spades when the Queen of spades appears.

Basic Baseball

Another version of seven card stud game of poker is Basic Baseball. The ground rules are thus: 3s and 9s are wild at all times, if a 4 is served to a player as one of his open cards, then it entitles him to an additional card in the hole. (Here’s a clue to remind you of the rules.

The three runs, nine innings and four balls for a walk.) When a player is dealt a 4; the dealer holds the option to charge him and fix the amount charged for an additional tip poker card. In some cases if a player wishes to use 3 as a wild card the dealer might charge him for it. But the dealer generally only levies a fee for the 3 or for the 4, not both.

When a fee is levied, this is how it works: when a 4 has been dealt face up, the player has the choice to buy an additional card for the fee and that amount is put into the kitty. The player has to either add the fee to the kitty or quit if the dealer levies a fee for the wild 3 face up.