Kinds of Players


The more experienced the player is the more he learns to recognize different kinds of players. There are no certainties in this game but if you learn to perceive the poker tactics employed by other players when playing the game it will give you an upper hand thereby helping you win some kitties. You need to monitor the manner in which the other players behave and how they place a wager. There are some things that you should keep in mind.

You should notice whether they play a rash game and stay in the game even though they shouldn’t? Do the other players play cautiously and pack their cards if they feel they don’t have a good set of cards? Do they have the nerve to sham? These things will aid you in playing your game better. Every time you play you should change your own strategy so the other players can’t study your playing patterns.

The opponent who remains in the poker game in when he doesn’t have very good cards is one who is called the loose player. This kind of a player is one who is always wishing that he would get better cards the next time. This player will win some kitties because he seldom packs his cards. When we say the loose player, it sounds a lot like one who loses or a loser.

The player who packs each time he feels he has a bad set of cards in his hand tends to quit the game soon would be one who would be called a tight player.

Poker players don’t stay on with a bad set of cards in their hands, they prefer to save their money until they have a better game on which they are willing to wager. In case a player prefers this approach to the game it is advisable to also play some loose games. If you always employ the tight approach to the game and you start to place bets all of a sudden then it will be a dead give away to the other players that you have a good set of cards and they would pack their cards soon.

Just as a loose player is inclined to remain in the game and will even up the wager, another player called the aggressive play does the same. But in this case he may or may not have a good hand. This type of player may be one of those players who likes to get the table buzzing, although it is no guarantee that he has good cards, he might be deceiving you. On the other hand if he has a good set of cards you might need to watch out as you could wind up losing a lot of money.

Similar to tight players but not as adept are players whom we call the passive players. These players don’t bet if they don’t have a good set of cards, they pack very soon and they don’t prefer to increase the wager, they seldom sham it if at all. The players who might not be very adroit at playing the game of poker, the kind who have lost money previously, on the other hand they are not so keen on gambling or willing to enjoy it as much.