Five-Card Stud.

Steve McQueen likes it

Players: Two to ten.
Cards: Four open cards and one concealed card.
Wagers: Four rounds will be played in this game although the wagers will increase in the later rounds.
Look out: Is the player happy with the first two cards? Make a note of the other players’ open cards. Would you have a better game if you had any of the open cards? Also make a note of the strategy of the other players.
Likelihood of winning: The odds of winning are less. Normally a player with a pair of high cards will win the kitty.

A five-card stud has a unique charm because of the concealed card (hole card). At the end of the day it is the game that Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson played in the Cincinnati kid. Every player can gauge the other players’ cards by looking at the four cards that are open.

Though the game could depend on the hole card, it could change the outcome. You should keep track of the other players’ high cards to enhance your chance of winning the kitty. You must make a mental note of the cards that have been packed and determine how good a chance you have at winning while proceeding with the game.

For starters one card is dealt to every player face down. Then the players get one card each, which are open. These are called up cards. The first one to place a bet is the one whose up card is the highest. The player on the left goes next and so on. A few people prefer to have the player with the smallest up card place the first wager.

It’s up to the dealer to state before the dealing the cards who will begin placing the wager. When the players have finished the first round of bets the dealer then deals one card each to the players. In this case, from this time on the player with the highest card will be the first one to place a wager right till the end of the game going clockwise.

When the players have ended the second round of wagers the dealer deals an open card to each player that opts to continue playing poker game. Now the players have three open cards and one concealed card each. Then there is one more round of bets. The same follows with the fourth and fifth and last card, which the dealer will hand out.  Bets will be placed after each card has been dealt.

At this point every player declares his cards and the one with the best game walks with the kitty. The final scene of Cincinnati kid shows Lancey Howard’s (Edward G. Robinson) straight flush beats the kid’s (Steve McQueen) full house. This creates quite a ruckus although in fact this is unlikely.