Be bold. The most sincere players should in fact pretend from time to time, that way the other players will be uncertain your intentions. The opponents would guess you have a good hand if you don’t pretend from time to time. At which time the opponents would quit and that way you would miss the opportunity to make a bundle.

Undoubtedly a poker player will lose some hands when someone catches him pretending but it would pay off later on in the game. On the other hand the player shouldn’t push it too far. A player should use pretence as a weapon in a game of poker, but he should be judicious with it. Oftentimes the player is so captivated with his dexterity at pretending he winds up losing loads of money because the opponents call his pretence.

It would be wise to silently rake in the kitty without showing one’s cards when the pretence has fooled the opponents into quitting. The best poker strategy would be to leave the other players in the dark. Sometimes a player should let his opponents see his hand when he’s pretending. That way the other players know you aren’t opposed to pretending, which would keep them guessing later on in the game whether you have a good hand or not.

The kind of pretending is diverse in every game of poker. When playing five-card draw, a player can pretending by the manner in which he bets as also by the number of cards he picks. When playing stud games, one should know how his cards appear to be to the opponents.

Lets us say, a player is betting vigorously in a seven card stud game of poker where the players open cards are 7, 8, 9, 10 and he has 2, 3, Q in the pocket, his opponents will take for granted that he has a Jack or a 6 to make a straight. If the player is aggressively betting and constantly raising, the opponents could consider calling the player ’s pretence.

One should view the up cards to evaluate whether the big bettor really has something good or whether he is pretending when playing stud games. One should also keep track of ‘tells’ (see page 94) which the bettor could be showing.

It is a quirk of fate but the skilled players are easily fooled as compared to the greenhorns. It is a while before a player becomes skilled at restraining himself and knowing when he should quit when playing a game of poker. The novices will mostly call every bet.

If many players were in the game then it wouldn’t be advisable to pretend when playing stud or community games, especially in the latter rounds. The probability of one or more players holding a great hand is increased.