Playing Poker in a Casino


The poker played at home is in no way the same as a game of poker in a casino. Although it is entertaining to play poker in a casino, it could also prove to be expensive it a person isn’t cautious. Here’s some advice prior to launching on a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Primarily, a player should bear in mind that he is playing with unfamiliar people as against the game of poker played at home. A player must watch out as there could be professional poker players amongst the strangers; these pros will recognize an amateur instantly. 

Of course, everyone you come across will be a con artist, and one certainly won’t find one at a low limit table, a place that would be full of players out for fun and play at casinos as a recreation. One should look around for a bit and select a table at which one could relax.

The best table is one where the low limit is anywhere between Re 1 and Re 2 while the highest limit is Rs 2 to Rs 4. Mostly one would find players of the same expertise as him since the stakes are low. The betting here is less likely to scare a player since the betting isn’t too high.

When playing poker in a casino the significance of decorum increases two fold. Abusing chips, playing out of turn or shifting cards away from the table could have nasty repercussions. Just as the other players won’t endure anybody’s misconduct, one’s actions could also get one debarred.

There would be no problem in telling the dealer that one is an amateur. The dealer ’s function would be to remind one of the poker game rules. A player shouldn’t be scared to disclose that he is an amateur as it would be obvious in any case. Considering the fact that the players aren’t playing against the casino, has it occurred to players just how the casino makes money?

An admission fee could be charged whereby the player might have to pay to take a seat; then again the casino could cost a percentage of the winnings. It would help a player to know that he shouldn’t use all his money on betting especially if he has a fixed limit. If a player plays plenty of hands then the fee could total to big amount.