Betting odds and ends


A common element in Hold’em is playing blinds and it is a manner to include betting in a game of poker. Just as the name suggests, blinds are blind bets, which the first two players to the left of the dealer are permitted to place. This is before they have seen the cards they hold in the hole.

They work in the same manner as antes whereby the poker player adds money in the kitty. The player who is next to the dealer ’s left side can put money into the kitty, which is less than the smallest bet, although it could be the same is called the ‘small blind’. When the player next to the player who has placed a small blind layer a wager, which is normally twice as much as the small blind it is called a ‘big blind’.

The player next to the big blind then resumes playing and this player could call the big blind, raise or he could quit. When it is the turn of the first two players to play again they could choose to increase, this is known as a ‘ blind’. Oftentimes betting can get passionate.

The players try to recover their losses by making wild bets. Conversely the winning players are inclined to be careless if they’ve been winning, because they aren’t afraid of losing since they’ve made a bundle. A player could easily win some more kitties if he could sense this change and evade the uniform tricks.

The permission of check-raising in poker games played at home has been a disputed factor for as long as one can remember. There are those who think it leads to fights. When a player who gets to bet first checks and then raises when it his turn again it is called check-raising.

Normally a player checks when he is unsure of his poker hand that’s why some players feels check-raising is an unfair endeavor for pretending so he can make more money from the opponents. But another set of players thinks it is a justifiable poker strategy and it is above reproach.

A player should only bet as much as he is at ease with when playing poker in a casino. When playing one should have a positive attitude and yet he should be aware that he might not get the cards that he wants. One should keep in mind the limit of money one is prepared to lose.

One should restrict oneself and be willing to leave the game if it isn’t going as the player hoped. When playing poker it is not uncommon to have a losing phase, still it is best to avoid the circumstances and not try to recover one’s losses. That way the player will wind up playing recklessly and erratically.